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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. three days to go. time running out for hillary clinton and donald trump to make their cases to the american people. clinton using serious star power. ?? >> trump sg the help. he's happy to go it ale. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. >> both using different strategies for the campaign trail. grisly find. the police find a body on the property of the man accused of kidnapping and chaining a woman on his property in a storage
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killer? ready for redemption? >> let's do it. >> for the first time in a decade, mel gibson out with a new movie "hacksaw ridge." and frozen. a new challenge sweeping the internet. high schoolers standing still in hilarious positions. why? the story behind the craze y, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones alongside stephanie ruhle and dylan dreyer. we should say craig is off for very good reason. >> yes. i woke up to an e-mail that his wife had gone into labor this morning. >> very good reason. >> i wouldn't say he is off.
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hard at work. >> did you see the interview with craig and his wife? craig at one point mouthed it. >> we will soon find out. we will get into that and keep you posted if anything happens. let's get into the state of the race with the election now three days away. hillary clinton pulling out all the stops on friday night bringing in beyonce and jay-z in cleveland. she will concentrate on florida and pennsylvania today. criscrossing the country. he starts the day in florida and heads to north carolina and colorado and nevada. let's begin with nbc's national correspondent peter alexander in tampa where donald trump will hold a rally this morning. good morning, peter. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. we are 72 hours away from the polls opening on election day. donald trump will go all over the country trying to capitalize
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hillary clinton tries to slam the door on the republican nominee. ? freedom ?? >> reporter: music's queen beyonce with a surprise appearance in ohio. >> look how far we've come from having no voice to okay the brink of making history. >> reporter: alongside husband jay-z. >> with your help, a glass ceiling to crash once and for all. >> reporter: in cleveland, where she is strong with her base. trump's strategy is different. >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: a raucous rally in pennsylvania. even taking a track at clinton's star-studded night. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. >> reporter: the outsider
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bring in white working class voters. >> our trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving ohio and america. >> reporter: rally supporters in north carolina could determine his successor criticizing trump's comments and disqualifying. >> imagine in 2008 i had said any of the things he had said. >> reporter: misrepresenting >> he spent so much time screaming at the protester and frankly it was a disgrace. >> reporter: in fact, the president protester's right to speak. >> i told you to be focused. you are not focused. >> reporter: the company that owns the "national enquirer" agreed to pay $150,000 to a former playboy model for a story
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republican nominee. then did not publish it. the wall street journal saying the claim of the affair is totally untrue. so back to the campaign trail. you have hillary clinton trying to bring in the star power. for the clinton campaign, they hope to go forward and motivating voter was a strong ground game operation. in cleveland, a county of 1.3 million where there is one early voting site. to get concert, you had to go to the board of elections. the only place to vote early. now clinton will be in cleveland tomorrow with lebron james. >> thank you, peter. let's bring in nbc news editor mark murray. he will look at the electoral college map. mark, let's do math here. donald trump's path to 270. where is it? how is it?
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for trump. he is at 180 electoral votes. you need 270 for the presidency. this means he has to win every single -- win every single battleground state. let's go into this. he has to win every battleground. i'm talking about florida for example. he has to win north carolina. he has to win new hampshire and ohio. so you end and then he has to be able to pick off one of the places in the midwest, stephanie. michigan or pennsylvania. just to be able to get to 270 electoral votes. that really is what donald trump has to do. win all the toss-ups and pick off a place where hillary clinton is strong and lead in the polls.
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him. is florida a luxury for hillary clinton? >> if hillary clinton wins florida, if she ends up winning north carolina, it's almost game over. really hillary clinton, one thing, if she is able to hold pennsylvania and able to hold a michigan or wisconsin, what she needs to do, the final piece of the puzzle is win new hampshire or win nevada. that would be her goal to be over 270. is heading out west to pick off one of those states. >> we will see, mark. the candidates are working overtime. thank you. we turn to joy reid. host of "a.m. joy." good morning to you. three days to go. can you believe it? tuesday. >> how happy we will be on the night. >> will it be over?
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both campaigns have new ads out. we will play a clip and talk about it. ? eye of the tiger ? ? fire ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? i am the champion ?? >> the only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the american people. >> so there you go. let's talk about the message of both have to drive home in the final days. >> first of all, the difference in the two the pop culture and weight of pop culture on her side. when queen bey. when beyonce is out there and jay-z, the culture is with you. you hear katy perry. i think the message from hillary clinton is to have her base get excited. if you are a young woman, being excited. her message is uplift. >> and donald? >> and donald trump's message is the only way we lose is if they
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he is running on rage and paranoia. >> donald has a new messenger. melania trump on the trail this week. the first time we have seen her give a speech since the convention. she was in pennsylvania. did she achieve that goal? >> i think at this point, most of this is baked. we see the early vote numbers coming out about the way we would expect it and the problem they have is we're seeing what the polls would have shown. which isle have a 31-point swing since 2012. they supported romney in 2012. they are swinging heavily to hillary clinton this time. if he cannot stem that tide between that and hispanic vote, women and hispanics are why he would lose the race. the early vote numbers are in his fair. better than expected. it is not turning out how she thought. without women and hispanics and huge swing since 2012, i don't
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like nevada and florida become must wins. >> i want to say on melania, joy, one of melania's main messages if donald trump were elected, cyber bullying. can we talk about the irony that her husband could be appointed commander in chief of the twitter beatdown? >> absolutely. ending cyber bullying starts at home. this is a guy who called turn on her. he is somebody who can't put his phone down. he is on the iphone tweeting at 3:00 in the morning tweeting abuse at alicia machado. it is unusual why they put her out there that way and why in philadelphia? >> i don't get it. >> hillary is going to michigan. she should have had that state
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if they are worried about michigan, that should make people worried on the democratic team. >> quickly, donald trump talks about the fact that the clinton presidency will be paralyzed with investigations and indictments. is this legitimate? there are so many people in the streets and reporters talking to the base. they believe this. scare tactics. >> republicans are saying it. i think one of the things which is dangerous for democracy which ever side you fall on is the idea of republicans are clear, they plan to criminalize the clinton administration with investigations. now you have the fbi. this is not something the democrats or republicans should cheer. this could be turned on anyone. so i think yes republicans are telegraphing they will not just accept the results of the election and try to work with the new president. they plan to paralyze her or launch impeachment hearings
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>> on the flip side, we know the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop are not all duplicates. we know qatar gave $1 million to the foundation which she never disclosed. >> so we understand it. qatar, the country in the middle east, gave $1 million to the clinton foundation to which was not disclosed to the state department which she said she would do. >> she signed an agreement with president obama. she did not do that. it comments out not so much. >> the fact we are doing all this three days. >> right. >> three days. >> don't add another day. >> don't act like it is ending in three days. please. >> thank you for coming in. we can continue the conversations in your living room. you can watch joy at 10:00 a.m. eastern and nbc news is the place to be on election night.
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now to a horrifying case in south carolina where police say they made another disturbing discovery. a body has been found in the same area where authorities say a missing woman was held captive for months. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in woodruff, south carolina. >> reporter: stephanie, good morning. this is the fenced in property where it all happened. the sheriff investigating if this is the work of the ser he is accused of kidnapping so far, but more charges are likely. this morning, the search resumes for more potential victims on the compound in south carolina after another chilling discovery. >> we did find a body in a shallow grave on the piece of property. >> reporter: it came after sheriff's deputies found kala brown alive. she had been missing since august along with her boyfriend charlie carver.
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a padlock container. a representative for her family says they are asking for privacy. >> this is horrific and unimaginable. >> reporter: the owner of the property, todd kohlhepp, is a realtor and registered sex offender. >> she witness the defendant shoot are at least four bodies buried on the property, but the one found friday has not been identified. >> it is too unreal for your brain. >> reporter: mckenzie durham has known kala since they were teenagers. >> it is not something you expect to hear about. >> reporter: and neighbor johnny revan said kohlhepp kept to himself and installed this
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acres in a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: investigators say they ended up honing in on the property by tracking kala brown's cell phone. the search here continues throughout the weekend and investigators are now looking into whether the suspect could be tied to other missing persons cases in the area. sheinelle. >> gabe, thank you. also in south carolina, tensions ran high in a courtroom where a former officer is on trial accused of murder in the shooting death of a black man captured on camera. he was shot while running away. the jury hearing on friday from the eyewitness who took the video. here is nbc's sarah dallof with more. >> reporter: raw emotion in the courtroom as the mother of walter scott recounted the final phone call with her son.
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was in excruciating pain. >> reporter: scott was shot and killed by michael slager in april of 2015. a jury of 11 white men and women and one black man is tasked with deciding if slager is guilty of murder or acted in self defense. >> he should have been prosecuted for it. >> he he forcefully resisted to the extent they were both fighting on the ground. >> reporter: the jury saw cell phone video showing slager including his gun as scott ran away. slager then fires eight shots. five hitting scott.
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it is not known it is a taser and drops it next to scott's body. >> i didn't want to be involved. at the same time, the morals and values did not allow me to do that. it was an injustice what i saw. >> reporter: scott's death was one in a series of violent confrontation with law enforcement and african-american citizens. fuelling protests against perceived police bias across the country. scott's family continues to ask for pe justice will do its job and at the end, hopefully we will get justice. >> reporter: slager out on bond faces 30 years to life if convicted. for "today," sarah dallof, nbc news. now to a ruling in a case against "rolling stone." a judge finding the magazine and
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all after the gang rape article. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: she left court vindicated. a federal court finding the magazine and publisher acts in malice with the story of rape on campus of the gang rape of a woman identified only as jackie. she said the story portrayed her as >> it feels very good to have a jury of nicole's peers come back and vindicate what we have known from day one. >> reporter: the 2014 article sparked a national discussion on college sexual assault. >> i met a young woman. >> reporter: the reporter promoting her story on msnbc's "morning joe." >> she told me she took the report to the administration and the administration did nothing.
7:19 am
retracted the story in april of 2015 after news organizations and police found no evidence to back up the accusations. despite the article's many flaws, the conversation continues today with the national campaign to stop sexual assault on campus. >> it's on us. all of us. >> to stop sexual assault. >> reporter: "rolling stone" writing, we deeply regret the missteps and apologize to anyone hurt by them, including miss she seeks $7.5 million in financial damages that are still to be determined. for "today," anne thompson, nbc news, new york. a blow to governor chris christie. one of trump's most important surrogates. two top aides were convicted in conspiracy and fraud in the bridgegate scandal.
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any knowledge of the scheme was supposed to campaign for trump today, but it was canceled after the verdict. two workers recovering from a nightmare accident in a water tower. they were working in pontiac, michigan, friday when they became trapped. rescuers don't know if the men fell or the scaffolding collapsed. it took an hour to free the trapped men. the men were in bad shape and no word on the medical a heartwarming survivor story. twins born in shanghai a month ago were reunited for the first time friday. zoo officials separated them because the panda mother would choose the stronger cub over the weaker. the mom fed the boy in a successful experiment. zookeepers fed the girl. in five days, switched the babies. now the brother and sister get to know one another in the panda
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>> cute. >> adorable. dylan is here with the check of the forecast. >> we had nasty storms movie through texas yesterday. look at what we saw in el paso. size of dimes to the size of baseballs. all that hail led to damage and flooding as it clogged the storm drains. it was the hail that caused most of the concern yesterday. we should start to see improvement as we go through the day today. not really expng threat of severe weather. look at the jet stream right now. this very unusual for a november pattern. it is all the way up into canada which means we are looking at above normal temperatures. by 20 to 25 degrees. omaha, nebraska, 72 degrees. fargo, north dakota, 67. chicago, 68. 18 degrees above average. as we go into tomorrow, we are looking at temperatures topping out in the upper 60s and low 70s. 15 to 25 degrees above average.
7:22 am
of next week, temperatures will stay on the warm side. this could be a trend we see all week long before we get into a pa and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, our look back at the stories that had everyone talking and including the medical terms that sound sexy. and guess who made a play ground appearance when ben
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out in london.
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still to come on "today," smart ways to get your health ready for winter and your heating costs down from george to the rescue. and we are bringing in help for dylan for her little one when it arrives. >> it people help you, when that baby
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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we are back on this saturday morning, november 5th, 2016. what are we looking at? you know what it is of the the balloons that will grace the macy's parade for day. they are getting a test run. that is charlie brown. he has been with us for years. we have shown you a new one from the "troll" movie out this year. my kids are dying. who doesn't love justin timberlake? outside studio 1a, besides you ladies, we have a great crowd who are spending the weekend with us. and some will be running in the new york city marathon tomorrow.
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running it. dylan, are you running? >> i'm not watching the marathon. >> i'm watching it. one of our producers is there. >> dylan is all over it. what's making headlines? three days until the election. hillary clinton and donald trump in an all-out dash to the finish. hillary clinton called out beyonce and jay-z for help. donaru and nevada and clinton will focus attention on pennsylvania and florida. one year after the horrific massacre in a music venue in paris. the news is out it is set to reopen. sting will headline the special night. it will reopen on november 12th. officials say it has been renovated, but looks a lot like it did before the attack. it was a sea of blue in
7:32 am
newest world series champions. cubs celebrating the first championship in more than 100 years. the parade started at wrigley field and went on for six miles. >> amazing. >> 5 million? >> crazy. now to the "download." the recap of the week's biggest headlines from the world series game seven to remember and the heated campaign and surprises at the country m those are some stories that caught our attention. >> the cubs win the world series! >> the curse is history. the cubs with a win over the cleveland indians. >> long imagined and long delayed. the chicago cubs are champions of baseball. a feat 100 years in the making. >> chicago is exploding with happiness.
7:33 am
turning up the heat. >> battered by donald trump's criticism about her later e-mail issue. >> what is in the e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> hillary clinton now looking to get back on offense taking aim at trump's coziness with russia. >> donald trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the kremlin and its associates. >> a rare flash of anger from clinton. >> i am sick and tired of negative, divisive and dangerous decision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> and a moment of restraint from trump. >> stay on point, donald. and tragedy. >> and officers canvassed the iowa neighborhood where two of their own were ambushed. fearing they could become the
7:34 am
>> they were sitting in their car. >> police identified 46-year-old scott michael greene as the suspect. a star-studded night at the country music wards. many surprises. perhaps beyonce sharing the stage with the dixie chicks. and dolly parton honored with the willie nelson achievement award. >> i would have cried, but i didn't want to mess my eye moment. >> we did this thing where we played doctors on television. we tried to make medical terms sound sexy. >> ice cream headache. >> you got the next one, man. >> oral cavity. >> i got this one. i like to back it up all the time.
7:35 am
the "today" team dressed up as the '90s iconic figures. >> i'm regis. >> and i'm kathie lee. >> it's a puffy shirt. >> well done, everybody. >> that was fun. >> i can't believe halloween was this past week. >> i don't think it was only dolly parton and beyonce as super hot music stars. so is dylan. baby spice. >> and that microphone was as big as your head. >> i had fun with long hair. >> tamron was julia roberts. >> she is julia roberts and in the department store where her money is no good. al brings her over to baby spice's room. >> of course that would happen. >> of course that happens. and i gave her clothes to walk
7:36 am
>> basically. >> should say mistake. big mistake. >> it was my british accent. >> go ahead. >> how about walking over to the screen? >> i'll walk backwards. >> it was good. >> my husband and dog never want to hear me speak in a british accent. let's focus on the weather in the northwest. rain falling from portland to seattle. all of the rain we have been seeing with the series of storms onshore has helped with the drought situation. especially in the sierra nevada with lots of snow. we had several inches of rain. it is reducing the drought. it is still dry, but every bit counts. we will see improvements tomorrow. today is 2 to 3 inches of rain in crescent city, california. we could see 3 to 4 inches of rain. it is not a nice start to the
7:37 am
on sunday. elsewhere, a couple of pockets of heavy storms. el paso with isolated storms today. look at the northern plains and upper midwest. above normal temperatures. 20 to 25 degrees above and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, baby spice. all right. you're welcome. >> come on.
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still to come, is there a difference on getting drunk on beer, wine or tequila? >> i say absolutely. >> we have that coming up. >> for others, it is a great one. and getting your house ready for the winter.
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and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh... this is suave! really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave, three fragrances preferred over bath and body works now twice as much smelling good. buy one get one free with a coupon in sunday's paper. this morning in take away" getting your home ready for winter. george oliphant is here to help you prepare for the chilly months ahead. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about. our beautiful home here. >> here we are. >> two things. we want to stay warm and save money. starts with windows. >> biggest place to lose dollars. hot air going out and cold air coming in. i live in an old house.
7:42 am
>> it makes a huge difference. >> very easy to install. double sided tape. put it around the window. take a hair dryer. it makes a huge difference in keeping the winter weather at bay. in the summer and spring, you want to have a clear sheer on here. filter the light and let in the warm air. in the winter, you want a heavier curtain. >> i never thought about changing the curtain. >>nd look of the rooms. go out and buy curtains. maybe not for every room in the house. >> all the money you save, use that for the curtains. >> you say you will be inside. let's brighten up the says. >> and lots of blankets. you are sleeping in the winter and it is too hot or cold. if you have more layers, you can stay warm.
7:43 am
snuggle up. >> welcome to another part of the house. front door. a lot of people worry about that? >> you want to get something to keep the wind and cold air from coming in. we have a few different ones. this one here has a double sided tape. you don't need screws. >> that was my concern. >> stick it on the bottom. this slide here keeps the cold air at bay. if you are industrial, you can screw i you can throw it down. >> does it help? >> anything you do to keep the cold air from coming in from the cracks. you can do something like this. this is a weatherizer. you have chaulk. if you have cold air coming from the casing. if you are by the front door and you have cold air, put it there.
7:44 am
>> we have gone out the door. we are now outside. >> dylan made a good point. too bad our gutters are not right here to reach across. >> how nice would that be? it is important that you clear the gutters before the weather gets bad. i recommend using gloves. who knows what is in there. pine needles. >> it makes a difference? >> it makes a huge difference. they clog up the spout and you have ice damning. the water comes up and you get damage clear your gutters. if you don't do it yourself, hire somebody. it is important. >> before we run out of time. is this snow? >> this is snow. a few things. you want a good shovel. this is the standard weekend warrior shovel. plastic shovel. for you who want to get industrial, they will do a lot. ergonomic. it is good for the back.
7:45 am
if dylan says bad weather is coming in. put it down. >> we always run out. >> people want it to be plant and pet friendly. >> and in ten seconds. >> we have markers so the guy who is doing the snow plower, they are not marking the driveway or stairs. >> that's a good point. >> they cannot see where the block is or the stoop. these allow them to see they are not holiday decorations. >> george, thank you. good stuff. coming up next, we are getting an ? ?
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we're back on this saturday morning with the reminder to fall back before you go to bed. you get the extra hour of sleep. this is the end of daylight saving time time. our quiz to see how much we know about this time of year. ready? in the u.s., daylight saving time ended on the first sunday in november since 1978. true or false. >> i think the november thing is newer. it used to be october. >> did we all say false? in the u.s., it ends on the first sunday in november since 1978. girl power. boom.
7:49 am
>> daylight saving time can affect birth order for twins. i have never heard of that. >> that's a good question. >> i was taking the test in my head. it is true. if the younger twin is born after 2:00 a.m., on paper, the younger twin is technically older. carolina woman in 2007. that is very confusing. >> since this a television show, i'll share the question with you. tomorrow, daylight saving time, not savings time, begins at 2:00 a.m. >> doesn't it end at 2:00 a.m.? it's ending. >> false. >> oh, i wanted all the girls to get it right. >> false. tomorrow we fall back marking
7:50 am
the beginning was march 13th. >> and candy companies lobby for daylight saving time to be moved to november for children to trick-or-treat for a longer period of time. increasing the demand for halloween candy. >> i'll say false. >> i meant true. >> it is true. according to some reports in 1986, candy retailers pushed it to persuade people. >> how interesting is >> i didn't know the candy companies were that powerful. change the time for the entire united states except for small areas. >> there you go. >> still to come, the music creator from "hamilton" and his friends. but first this is "today" on
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i love that crowd.
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good morning. three days to go. this is the last weekend before the election and it's coming down to the wire for hillary clinton and donald trump. clinton on friday enlisting jay-z and beyonce to get out the vote. ?? >> trump brushing aside clinton's use of celebrity. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. >> both campaigns using different strategies in the final days. we're live. ready for redemption? after a ten-year director hiatus, mel gibson is back with "hacksaw ridge."
8:01 am
him back after several controversies? and a hilarious phase. high schoolers standing in place in fun positions. we have the fun story today, saturday, november 5th, 2016. ?? >> big hello to canada. >> i'm rni tomorrow. my kids made me do this. >> it's my birthday. >> it's my 50th birthday. >> it has taken me 35 years, but i'm on the "today" show. >> hi, grandma. i'm on tv. >> a lot of love. good morning. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. >> it is a crisp fall morning. check out the crowd on the plaza. we will head out in a few minutes to say hi. >> it is chilly.
8:02 am
we begin this hour with the race for the white house. with just three days until the country elects the next president, hillary clinton campaigns in two states today. but donald trump will cross the country making stops at four states. we have it all covered. let's begin with national correspondent peter alexander. he is covering the trump campaign from tampa. peter, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. donald trump will be out in a couple hours from now. he is tryin democrat-leaning state. focusing on the message saying he will bring back manufacturing jobs and protecting residents from what he describes as dangerous undocumented immigrants. he also is unfazed about hillary clinton's star power. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody.
8:03 am
stop the jobs from leaving ohio and leaving america. >> reporter: in the final 72 hours, donald trump will stop in nevada to wisconsin. a state that has voted democratic every year since 1984. the real goal is a rural one to boost white working class turn out to offset some of the weaknesses with suburban republicans. on the eve, that helped him notch up the first primary win. >> that's true. peter, thank you. >> and hillary clinton will begin her day in the state of florida after bringing out some major star power last night with beyonce and jay-z. today, katy perry will join her in philadelphia. i have a feeling they will roar. we have kaci hunt with us today.
8:04 am
out there tomorrow. i am dating myself. >> reporter: she is hitting all age groups with the star power, steph. she is starting in miami today after she got her late last night. that concert in cleveland drew over 10,000 people. it featured jay-z and a special guest. >> look how far we've come from having no voice to brink of making history. >> having a glass ceiling to crash once and for all. >> reporter: beyonce, of course, jay-z and chance the rapper all aimed at trying to win over minority voters and millennials. she is pitching the same voters in the final weekend campaign sprint. she heads from here in miami to philadelphia tonight where she has a concert with katy perry.
8:05 am
sunday. then back to cleveland with lebron james. of course, cleveland's star, especially among the african-american community there. she is trying to recreate the kind of excitement that president obama had in 2012 in the final weeks of the campaign when tens of thousands of people were showing up to his rallies. her events have been smaller. polls show voters are not as enthusiastic for her. that is the main challenge in the final days. her best chance probably that final philadelphia where she and her husband and former president bill clinton, will appear with both obamas. the president and first lady. >> president, queen bey and king james. she is bringing out the star power. thank you, kaci. the election is mobilizing one small group of voters like never before. armed militias are preparing for possible civil unrest. nbc's gabe gutierrez spend time
8:06 am
said it is not looking for trouble, but it will be ready just in case. >> reporter: deep in rural georgia, chris hill is on a mission. practicing tactical drill was the members of the georgia security force. a militia that wants to defend individual rights against an overreaching federal government. >> this is where the comradery and fellowship happens. >> reporter: the members say the not higher. >> hillary clinton with corruption and anti-second amendment agenda. all the baggage. >> reporter: and donald trump's message of a corrupt system has resonated. >> do you think it is rigged? >> yes, sir. >> why is that? >> i think starting with the press. >> reporter: they feel hillary clinton, if elected, would take away their guns. >> she is a hypocrite.
8:07 am
monitoring voting places patrolling for fraud. numbers dropped after the oklahoma city bombing, but they have been on the rise since president obama took office. the southern poverty law center tracks 276 active militias last year. up from 42 in 2008. >> the primary paranoia. >> reporter: daniel potts doesn't see it that way. he and his fellow militia men are worried about a trump loss. >> it does worry us. >> reporter: they stress they are not advocating violence, but will be prepared for anything.
8:08 am
news. a search is on today for more victims who may be on the property. this revealed after kala brown was found in a container on todd kohlhepp's property. there could be four bodies buried on the property. a possible leg precedent as a charged with body shaming. dani mathers has been charged with invasion of privacy for taking a picture of a 70-year-old woman undressed at the gym and posting it on snapchat. the former playmate never tried to violate laws. the section of philadelphia is cleaning up and repairing this morning after destructive water main break. water gushed out of the 48-inch
8:09 am
of the city and flooding businesses and cars. the third major break in this location since 2014. by the way, the average water main in philadelphia is 67 years old. some date back to the 1800s. and a great honor for eight world war ii veterans. proudly honored by the french legion today. the french consul general based in atlanta said we to restore our freedom. >> beautiful. dylan is out on the plaza with another check of the weather. it is cold out there. >> we are all nice and bundled up. we need you to explain the sign. where are your kids? >> my kids are on the way to chicago right now. >> okay. >> they could not come out to watch me run the marathon. >> i thought they were sleeping in and forcing you to be here.
8:10 am
good luck tomorrow. >> thank you. >> lots of folks running the marathon tomorrow. the weather looks perfect. sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. look at the weather across the country. besides showers in the northwest and rain down near new mexico, there is not really a lot going on. temperatures will be well above average across the plains and upper midwest. 15 to 20 degrees above average. that is what the runners want. here is the new york city marathon forecast. 52 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 56 at noon. 56 at that is good for runners. and election day on tuesday. decent weather. look at the temperatures across the northeast. mild in the 60s. a spot shower in cleveland. we could see stronger storms and maybe heavy rain across the gulf coast. not all that widespread. out west, things are quiet.
8:11 am
and that's your latest forecast. still to come, look at these images. what is happening here and why are all of these high school students stopping in their tracks? the answer in trending. and in pop start, prince (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza? a better moment of proof. victoza? lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill,
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8:15 am
have this massive bowl of kit kats on the desk. >> i didn't notice. >> this is my favorite. the internet and my newest obsession. the mannequin challenge. high schoolers are tweeting videos of themselves and classmates frozen in mid action. in the hallway, in the parking lot. most set maybe you can. even comedian kevin hart got in on the fun. check him out at the gym. how cool is that? i love it. oh, you guys. i like it. >> it is tough to be in that position. >> i think the mannequin
8:16 am
doing it today. probably not. now to a debate over a different type of drunk. some people wonder if whiskey can turn you angry or can tequila lead to bad decisions? according to "new york magazine" the answer is actually no. here's the thing. the article says how you feel while drunk is a product of the mood you are in when you started drinking plus the social context. if you are doing at the bar, you are ready for a crazy night before you started drinking. or if you are sipping wine at home, you are in a mood for a mellow night to begin with. >> can alcohol change your behavior? >> i disagree whole heartedly. tequila drunk never ends up a good drunk. >> or ends up an awesome one. >> my husband can drink whiskey, no problem. beer makes him drunk. >> the debate continues.
8:17 am
p.m. if you are over 21. finally a reason to break into the kit kats. a kansas state student says he noticed one missing from his car after he left it unlocked. he was gone for 15 minutes. when he got back, he found this note. "a kit kat in your car cup holder and the car door was unlocked." i took the kit kat. i'm sorry. when company sent the student 6,500 kit kats which were put into his car. >> amazing. >> i'm happy. for the record i wasn't the first person to put a kit kat in my mouth. for my family at home who says i'm the first one to eat. >> you are right. next to the kit kat, she has a bagel. popstart!.
8:18 am
dave chappelle will host next saturday, november 12th. this is the first time the comedian has ever hosted the show. the musical guest is the tribe called quest. and benedict cumberbatch will be hosting tonight with solange knowles. and kelly clarkson is taking on one of the hottest musicals. take a listen. ?? you would like it uptown ? ? working beyond ?? >> sound familiar? the reimagined song from "hamilton." this kelly clarkson mix is a first of the few songs from the "hamilton" mixed tape. it features songs from "hamilton" from other artists. and we end with ben affleck.
8:19 am
said he recently had a play date with his kids in london. he did not realize his kids were among royalty. some people around him had ear pieces and did not realize why. >> i thought kid-nasium is tight. and i was the last person in there for sure to realize that the royal the kids were in there playing. my son was in there playing. >> i love it. things you never hear them say. >> that is what you want to hear. dylan, thank you. still to come, mel gibson's movie is in theaters, but will the actor and director's checkered past prevent people from seeing it? but first this is "today" on
8:21 am
8:22 am
look at that crowd. still to come on "today," a little expert help. our friend dylan here as she gets ready to welcome her baby boy into the world. and i'll introduce you to the young foodies who really know their way around the kitchen. and we will go live to citifield in queens for the balloons for the macy's thanksgiving day parade e messages. ? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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we are back on this saturday morning, november 5th, 2016. look where we are. thrilled to be outside with this incredible crowd on the beautiful fall day. >> we should mention craig is not with us this morning. we are sending him a lot of love. his wife lindsey went into labor overnight. we are awaiting word. >> guess. boy or girl? i said boy. >> i will guess girl. >> i say girl. >> guess what? this woman knows a lot about babies. later on "today" you know bringing home the first baby can be thrilling and confusing. dylan is in the same boat.
8:31 am
get ready for her baby boy. and we will introduce you to
8:32 am
even with a man with a public scandal.
8:33 am
movie despite mel's mouth. >> everybody hates what happened. mel gibson took our mel gibson away. like how dare you. >> there are so many people involved in the making of the movie. >> reporter: now audiences will decide if desmond doss's battle field atonement is worthy of mel gibson's redemption. for "today," steve patterson, nbc news, hollywood. >> i hea from it. let's get a check of the weather. >> amazing fall day. >> it will warm into the upper 50s later this afternoon. tomorrow will be in the mid-50s in the northeast. most of the country enjoying above normal temperatures. 15 to 20 degrees above average across the dakotas and minnesota and wisconsin. we will see locally heavy storms especially through parts of the southwest and into texas later on this afternoon. those will last through texas on sunday. nothing too severe expected.
8:34 am
really just these scattered heavy downpours. in the northwest, rain and it
8:35 am
8:36 am
yy big celebration for us. lots of new stuff. if you are tuning in to the parade, you will see a glorious open with the muppets. we have incredible talent. the parade will end with tony bennett. >> amy, thanks so much for giving us a preview this morning. you can watch the parade on nbc live on thanksgiving morning starting at 9:00 eastern. don't go far.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
"expecting today." dylan is six weeks away from meeting her new baby boy. we have all been there before. there is so much to get ready for. >> we are so excited. my husband and i cannot wait. so many other first time moms and dads are left feeling overwhelmed. not knowing anything about what is to come. we called in an expert to help me and other moms to get me on the right track. i'm so happy you're here. >> i'm glad to be here. >> nice to meet you. come on in. >> so first things first. before the baby ever uses the nursery, when do i know it's time to even go to the hospital? >> anytime you are feeling a weird symptom or something different, i recommend calling the doctor. the four things to keep in mind. contractions. your water breaks. number three, any bleeding or
8:40 am
do. that is the time to call the doctor. >> i know i'm well taken care of in the hospital, but i'm nervous for the first moments at home. do you have a list of tips that every parent should know? >> the first thing is trust your instincts. everybody who say parent was a new parent at one time. you trust your gut. you will be fine. so you need to partner with a pediatrician that you know you can trust. dor speak to your friends with children. you can interview the pediatrician. there is so much information out there. you want to make sure the information you are following has been well researched. i recommend starting with the pediatrician and see if the web site has useful links. ask what they recommend. >> i have a lot of flyers and pamphlets for the classes i should take leading up to giving birth. which ones are important and
8:41 am
parenting is not one size fits all. some families feel comforted by taking a lot of classes. the one class which is important is a cpr class. any care giver should be trained in baby cpr. if you have an emergency at home, that is when you need to know what to do before help arrives. my sage advice is to just relax and have fun and enjoy the journey. parenting is experience. having been doing it for 14 years and the more you live in the moment and try not to worry and trust, the more wonderful the experience will be for you. >> so good to hear you say that. >> and those questions don't come close to all of the questions i had for dr. levine. they range from where should the baby sleep and breast feeding
8:42 am
involved? you can get more from >> they are fair questions. >> you look around the room with a lot of crew behind the scenes. i used to walk down the street and see the people. i thought somebody gave birth to them and they are here. they are walking around. i felt like you are capable. >> that is what dr. levine was saying. something clicks in. i hope so. my husband and i are the youngest of our families. nieces and nephews. >> and they love dylan. >> you created this baby. the one other thing in the house is you are the boss. not the baby. you are the boss. >> that's a good point. >> no worries. >> akuna matada. >> i love that. i love the picture of dylan
8:43 am
generation cooking up meals you would not believe. but first this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
when you think top chef names like mario batalli or bobby flay comes to mind. it turns out a growing trend of a new generation to get their names on the food map as >> when i was a kid, i made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. wait until you meet these kids giving adult top chefs a run for their money. >> all over social media, these kids are into food. take the kitchen twins. emily and lila allen in
8:46 am
>> thank you. >> press the on button. >> reporter: they showed me how it started in their kitchen. thanks to their parents, we have branding and product distribution. >> it is really fun because you get to eat the food. that's very important. >> you feel good about what you are eating. i think it is the new age where >> reporter: check out r-old kid chef eliana. we caught up with her in her hometown at the popular new orleans jazz and heritage festival. folks gathered to try her cuisine. >> oh, she makes simple dish us because it is kid chef. no, i have three cookbooks and a radio show. then they say oh, my gosh.
8:47 am
>> reporter: with mom by her side, eliana is building her brand at the farmer's market and all the way to national cooking competition. >> you are a chopped grand champion. >> i think my overall mission is to inspire kids and families to get into the kitchen together and create meals together. food is more than chicken nuggets and french fries. i want kids to be culinary pl isaiah hooks. he started his own home catering company. >> it is bringing joy to my face. >> reporter: how do you say people describe your food? >> they describe it international mash up. that is basically i like to take different cuisines and mash it together. >> reporter: his mom is the pastor of their church.
8:48 am
appreciation dinner. >> it has a kick. >> i was thinking catering turns up the volume. it is not easy to cook for a lot of people. this grabs my attention. what is this? >> stuffed puff pastries. >> oh, man. this could be dinner. >> reporter: isaiah's food was a hit. four talented kids making their way into the foodie watch out, grown ups, they could teach us a thing or two. >> let me tell you, the food was good. >> the pastry chef. >> i got the idea through my daughter. cupcakes and all that. all these kids cooking. it is a trend. >> when i watch chopped for kids, it gives me low self esteem. i have to get on it. >> let your kids cook. >> it will get them to eat more.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
we are back on a saturday morning with "today food." all star thanksgiving. we prepare chef dishes to create a feast. we have sweet and savory recipes with we have elizabeth chambers. welcome. >> thank you. >> the carrots. the thanksgiving treat. i want to go to you, second, elizabeth. >> okay. >> we're going to go savory carrots first. >> this is very simple dish. the great thing is we are using carrots. the greens and carrots and
8:52 am
and salt. put it in the oven for 25 minutes. we will make a glaze with juice. that glaze will coat the carrot. we will make a chimichuri. >> we will share this mike with you. it is hard to hear you. we put glaze on the carrots. >> for 25 minutes. >> all right. i want you to walk through this again. you use the whole carrot. >> even the we will add olive oil and vinegar and garlic. we will puree that until it is smooth. >> what is that? >> rice wine vinegar. >> are you washing this? >> yes. wash them and nice and dry and put garlic and the blend. >> we have the rice wine. >> we have this chimichuri.
8:53 am
spoon a little bit over. grab the granola. >> granola feels like a breakfast item. >> it is. it adds crunch. a great thing about this. you get the savory carrots with the glaze and chimichuri has acid. it is delicious. >> there's a kick. >> honey and cinnamon and spice. >> cumen? >> yes. >> this is really good. >> i'm almost done. i love >> dylan is almost done. i have to get to dessert. >> done. >> elizabeth. >> i hope you saved room. >> for cupcakes. always. >> like eddie, we start with dry ingredients. we have flour and salt and baking soda and cinnamon. it would not be carrot cake without that. i will put you to work. dry first.
8:54 am
>> here we go. this is a family recipe. >> wet, wet, wet. dry first. >> oh, man. >> dry first. wet second. this is the family recipe. my mom's carrot cake. >> did you just kick me out of the family? >> no. we will teach you. >> all right. >> so this is like my mom always made our carrot cake growing up. my husband's groom cake at our wedding. get him started early. >> you mix it up. >> now we combine the dry with the wet. you don't have to do that. this is what makes this carrot cake good. some carrot cake has a spice or little carrots. this has all the good stuff. crushed pineapple. raisins and coconut and walnut. it comes together perfectly. >> this is the most moist carrot cake i ever had in my life.
8:55 am
this is the batter. it is a bit wet. it is loose. it freaks people out. this is how it should look. scoop it in. we have cream cheese frosting. we do a buttermilk glaze on top. >> these walnuts. why have walnuts when you can have gold walnuts. >> it is nice for the holidays. it makes everything fancy. >> and beautiful. >> it does. >> too sweet. >> i'm glad you like it. >> delicious. >> carrots on thanksgiving. >> family, friends, wow. absolutely love it. thank you both. if you want all of recipes, you can get them at i'm going to eat. these ladies are done for this saturday morning. >> a big shoutout to joelle. she is running in the new york city marathon tomorrow.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> something new. there's a hole in the wall. you expanded? . >> yeah. we busted a hole in the wall, bigger, connected another wear house. >> reporter: what's in this room? . >> so we've added new lines of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, just expanded our product line. >> i see you spiced up the place a bit. >> yeah. >> reporter: in all
8:59 am
dollars. >> we just busted a hole in the wall. >> remind everyone what you have under the original wear house. >> well we have bedroom sets. we have dining room sets. we have pillow top mattresses, over 300 in stock. our kitchen cabinets are an absolute home run, hot to bees as well. >> reporter: speaking of kitchen cabinets, the focal point of everyone's room is the kitchen, and people just flock here to come here for these kitchen cabinets. >> a year. the money people save on cab in the they're adding bedroom sets. they're adding dining room sets. makes us feel good to save people that kind of money. >> you have new lines of furniture, even ones strictly made in the usa. >> made in the usa, solid built furniture. again, a huge savings. >> reporter: you've got to be proud of what you eve done for northeast ohio, proud of everybody, because your people are the reason why you -- >> yeah. we don't invest a lot in the showroom, but we do
9:00 am
>> reporter: for thousands of items you can choose from east side and west side. thank you. . coming up on channel 3 news today, the man accused of killing three people in a local barber shop is convicted by a local jury and waits to learn his fate. >> election day is right around the corner. feeling a little anxious? i'll help you with some temperatures to t polls. >> plus if you're looking for somewhere to talk your holiday photo, why the -- cleveland signs may be the


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